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May all the precious moments
That set this day apart,
Stay with you long after
As keepsakes of the heart…
And often through the future
May you relive in thought,
The very many pleasures
This happy day has brought

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One by one each year flew by,
since you both said “I do”…
Forty years of memories,
shared by the two of you.
From big events and holidays
to simple daily pleasures,
Some tearful times along life’s way,
some joys that can’t be measured…
One by one each year now gone,
but still they’re yours forever…
Each and every memory,
of Forty years together!

For years my wedding ring
has done its job.
It has led me
not into temptation.
It has reminded my husband
numerous times at parties
that it's time to go home.
It has been a source of relief
to a dinner companion.
It has been a status symbol
in the maternity ward.

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The most wonderful
of all things in life,
I believe, is the discovery of
another human being
with whom one's relationship
has a growing depth, beauty,
and joy as the years increase.
This inner progressiveness of love
between two human beings
is a most marvelous thing;
it cannot be found by looking for it
or by passionately wishing for it.
It is a sort of divine accident,
and the most wonderful
of all things in life.

More Anniversary Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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