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Wedding Anniversary Quotes

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Have a Happy Anniversary
A day that's filled with fun
And remember the day
That you two became one!

May you always be warmed
by each other's smile,
Always take time to
walk and talk a while,
Always know deep down
you're each other's best friend,
And enjoy the kind of love
that grows and knows no end.
Wishing you an 'always' kind of love!

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No matter how much cats fight,
there always seem
to be plenty of kittens.

A wedding anniversary
is the celebration of love,
trust, partnership,
tolerance and tenacity.
The order varies for any given year.

You moan a lot and
jingle your change
But let's face it,
there's no escape
You can flick the remote
as much as you like
But she's on the TV
and on every tape

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On this our anniversary,
we may not have wealth,
but we do have each other
and that is worth more than
anything in the world.

Knowing you will be with me
in all my tomorrows,
makes my today so wonderful.

More Anniversary Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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