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A man loses his sense of direction
after four drinks;
A woman loses hers
after four kisses

There is no remedy for love
but to love more.

The first sigh of love
Is the last breath of wisdom.

Love makes the time pass.
Time makes love pass.

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A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature
to stop speech when words become superfluous.

Romantic love is an illusion.
Most of us discover this truth
at the end of a love affair
or else when the sweet emotions of love
lead us into marriage and
then turn down their flames.

Trying to forget someone you love is like
trying to remember someone you never knew.

Love begins with a smile,
grows with a kiss,
and ends with a teardrop.

It takes a couple seconds to say Hello,
but forever to say Goodbye.

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There is always
some madness in love.
But there is also always
some reason in madness.

Love is hard work;
and hard work sometimes hurts!.

We always believe our first love is our last,
and our last love our first.

All's fair in love and war.

More Best Love Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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