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Gift For You

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I give you this gift,

For you to have and to hold,

Consider it silver,

Consider it gold.

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You've given me so much,

More than you'll ever see,

I'm giving you my life,

From the real true me.

No more lies or fakes,

No more pretending,


From this moment forward,

Our love is never-ending.

And you can say you're thankful,

And you can say you care,

But all I need you to say


Is that you'll always be there.

A birthday is so special,

Something not to miss,

So here on your beloved day,

I give you one sweet kiss.

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Why only one you ask,

When there are so many more to give,

Because my darling, you must know,

We have the rest of our lives to live.


If I give you a complete birthday gift

With kisses and kisses and more,

How will we be keep the flame so strong,

If it's all been said and done before?

So for that reason I count my gifts

For birthdays and birthdays to come,

Just to remind you over and over,

That you truly are the one.


Stefanie Wieczorek

More Birthday Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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