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Breaking Up Poems
The Unbelievable Breakup

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He is a sweetie, who was cute as can be,

His smile, his charm, made me his girl

And flowers too, with a necklace of a pearl.

It was an amazement that he chose me

And yet that me and him are now, we.

But then later on, we reached a quarrel.

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Now I look at him, and I just want to hurl.

He says we're going separate ways,

That, I can't see.

He believed it wouldn't last forever,

I thought we should go back from the start.

We should just keep going and be together,

But he flaked out and broke my heart!

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I guess as friends we were better off,

But I still like him,

and can't believe we broke apart.



More Break Up Poems Page 1 | 2


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