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I was asked to make a choice.
If I had not been asked,
I may have chosen differently

Dating you is killing who I am.

We are just too different to have a future together.

It's not you. Is me.
I'm sorry but we are just not meant to be.

Sorry, You're not the one

Life is too short to make mistakes.

I think we would be better off friends.

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We need to talk about us.

We are too similar to stay together.

We are just too different to stay tigether.

The longer we are together,
the less serious I am about you.

I really like you,
you're a lovely woman
and we have great fun
- you're just not a long-term prospect.

Sometimes, its better to be friends
than continue being in a relationship.

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I feel alive when I am with her
but I am very grateful to you.

Look, we had fun while it lasted.
Its over now.

We've both grown up and changed, I love you,
but that kind of love has changed,
and it's not the kind you want from me.
I want us to be closest friends instead.

I think we both rushed into this relationship so fast
but forgot to get to know each other.
We should have taken our time.
You can't fall in love in two months
but we were so keen to try.

More Breakup Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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