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Here's my love,
take it.
Here's my soul,
use it.
Here's my heart,
don't break it.
Here's my hand,
hold it
and together
we will make it forever.

When breaking up with my boyfriend,
He told me
"You'll never find anyone like me ever!"
I thought to myself
"I should hope not.
You're the kind i want to get rid of."

You never truly love a person
until the mere thought of you hurting
that loved one is enough to break your own heart

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You know you really love some one when
you can not hate them for breaking your heart

No matter how many times
I tell you she'll break you heart,
or how many times she does it,
you'll never give up,
Why you ask?...
because you love her.

Yes I love him.
I love him more
than anything else in this world
and there is nothing
that I would like better
than to hold on to him forever.
But I know it's not for the best.
So no matter how much
my heart is going to break,
I've got to let him go
so he can know
just how much I love him.
Maybe if I'm lucky,
he'll come back,
but if not,
I can make it through this.

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Love is ironic.
Only when you hurt someone they realise
they truly love you.
We shall always fall in love with the people
who break our hearts.
Love gushes out of the ruptures of a broken heart
and then sends shivers to the whole of our existence.
Love has to come out somehow and
that is usually through pain and hurting.
A heart which is unwilling to be broken,
is unable to love.
Similarly, if you cannot break someone's heart,
it is a sign that they shall never truly love you.

More Breakup Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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