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Broken Heart Poetry
Love Is Everlasting

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They say love is everlasting,
I believe that that is true.
After all,
How could they explain how I felt,
The first day I met you?
The first day I cried about a guy?
I loved you,
I loved everything about you.
You seemed so unreal.
The first time you hugged me.
I know it was a joke.

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But I felt like I was melting.
I could have dropped down,
Right there,
Safe in your arms.
I felt like a raindrop,
I felt my heart drop,
I felt like I had fallen down
a thousand stairs,
And then,
At the end,
You were still standing there.
So love really is everlasting,
Even if it is only for one.
Because how could they explain
why I still love you now?
Two years have passed
since I first had a crush on you,
And even if you still don't like me,

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The years will double,
And triple,
But no matter what,
Love will always be true to itself.
Love is everlasting.
And I wish we were too.


More Broken Heart Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3


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