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Little Things In Love

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Sometimes a little smile,
sometimes a little glare,
is what makes me feel
you will always take care,
Sometimes a few words,
sometimes a little touch,
is what tells me
why do i love you so much.

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Sometimes a little silence,
sometimes a little kiss,
is what tells me the things
i love and dearly miss,
Sometimes a helping hand,s
ometimes a little tear,
is what assures me,
in sadness u will always be near.

Sometime a little walk beside me,
when I'm in happiness,
assures me u will walk in front
when there is darkness,
Sometimes a little prayer,
sometimes a little fight,
is what makes our life
beautiful each and every night.

Sometimes a little separation,
sometimes a little together,
is what assures me our love will last forever.
Sometimes a little fear,
sometimes a little lie,
is what tells me u will always love even if i die,

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These little things is
what brightens up our face,
true love happens only
if these things takes place,
in love-these things takes only little time,
little heart, to tell your mine and I'm yours
and we we will never depart.

More Cute Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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