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Cute Love Poems For Your Boyfriend
A Disney Tale

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You say you're Cinderella
Or you would like to be
Does this mean that you've found
Your Prince Charming in me?

You also say you're Jasmine
So Princess, please be mine
A whole new world I'll show you
A world of love divine

Your favorite is Tinkerbell
So I'll be Peter Pan
Together we can fly away
Off to Neverland

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And if you're Sleeping Beauty
Then I will be the one
To kiss your lips, open your eyes
And fill your life with sun

And if I was the Beast
And your name was Bell
I know that I could count on you
To free me from the spell

And if I was Prince Eric
Would you come with me?
As my Ariel I'd show you
A love deeper than the sea

Just like a Disney tale
Filled all with love and laughter
You and I will be together
Happily ever after

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So tell me your desires
I'll make your dreams come true
A life of happiness
Princess, I'll share with you

Lisa, be my Princess
And your Prince I will be
Together we can live
Our own Disney story

More Cute Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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