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Dating Lines

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Whenever I date a guy,
I think, "Is this the man
I want my children
to spend their weekends with?"

I'm dating a woman now who,
evidently, is unaware of it.

Whenever I want a really nice meal,
I start dating again.

Computer dating is fine,
if you're a computer.

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Lots of women just go out with me
to further their careers
- damn anthropologists.

Good-looking individuals
are treated better than
homely ones in
virtually every social situation,
from dating to trial by jury.

How many of you have ever started
dating because you were too lazy
to commit suicide?

A man on a date wonders if he'll get lucky.
The woman already knows.

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I only date stewardesses.
Or maybe it just seems that way.
Women always seem to be
showing me the exits.

I've been on so many blind dates,
I should get a free dog.

I date this girl for two years
- and then the nagging starts:
'I wanna know your name..."

More Dating Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3


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