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Depressed Quotes

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The saddest love is to love someone,
to know that they still want you,
but the circumstances don't let you have them.

Of all the words of tongue or pen,
the saddest are might have been.

Self-love depressed becomes self-loathing.

The essential sadness is
to go through life without loving.
But it would be almost equally
sad to leave this world
without ever telling those you
loved that you love them.

Someone asked if i knew you,
it was sad cause all i could say was,
"I used to."

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When you have loved unconditionally
one man and lost that love,
it leaves a wound that never heals,
a sad and broken heart, a void forever.

There is one pain I often feel
which you will never know
because it is caused by the absence of you.

I'll always be beside you until the very end,
wiping all your tears away,
being your best friend.
I'll smile when you smile
and feel all the pain you do,
and if you cry a single tear,
I promise I'll cry too

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It's sad when people you know become
people you knew, When you can walk
right past someone like they were
never a big part of your life,
How you used to be able to talk for hours
And how now, you can barely even look at them

More Depressing Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3


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