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My First Love Poems

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I used to live in a world of gray,

Colors would fade out of every day,

The sun would seem dim like someone turned the lights down,

In the world that I lived, no life could be found.

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Wherever I went no matter where I'd go,

The only thing visible was a soft golden glow,

The streets were empty, all that existed was time,

But i would soon realize that I was but blind.


Then one day that glow began to shine brighter,

And suddenly everything began to seem lighter,

You showed me I could see if I just used my hands,

You guided me, taking me to a whole new land.


It was the first time I ever felt the wind in my hair,

You took my hand and we flew through the air,

You told me to listen as we stooped to the ground,

That was when I heard the most beautiful sound.


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I crushed dirt with my fingers and heard the birds song,

Heard the strong river roar and felt that here I belonged,

You kissed me softly as we walked on the sand,

The day I met you I found Neverland.


More First Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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