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If you're a gifted flirt,
talking about the price of eggs
will do as well as any other subject.

When a flirt fishes for a man,
she fishes merely for the sport.

I used to flirt with girls
just to get the guys circling around us.
I'm getting out of it now. I have to look after my reputation.

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One of the best parts of growing older?
You can flirt all you like
since you’ve become harmless.

War begins like a pretty girl
with whom every man wants to flirt
and ends like an ugly old woman
whose visitors suffer and weep

I’m just a natural flirt,
but I don’t see it in a sexual way.
A lot of the time
I’m like an overexcited puppy.

One kind of flirtation is to boast we never flirt.

I am not a sexy woman,
I'm not beautiful,
I'm not a sex kitten,
I don't flirt with people,
yet I've been tagged more of sex symbol
than women who truly are
and I that's solely because
I don't reveal too much:
people are curious.

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Flirtation: attention without intention.

I think the eyes flirt most.
There are so many ways to use them.

More Flirty Quotes Page 1 | 2


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