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Free Love Poems For A Girl

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We fell through lids and booby-traps
and faults and fissures in the floor.
As thud-marks claimed each last collapse,
we found that there were always more.

We dropped like plumb-weights, trailing cords
we'd never venture to rewind -
down mining shafts and hidden fjords,
the lowest pilgrims of our kind.

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So far below the light we swooned,
another aura seemed to glow:
a thrum so soft and hollow-mooned,
we rolled like starfish in its tow.

It's here we pass our common night,
two shipwrecked hulls beyond repair.
We wince around each other's blight
and pitch our bed at hunger's lair.

More Free Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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