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Rose Of Desire

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As I plant a seed into the soil, the soil of my unpredictable life.
Hoping for each seed to blossom throughout the darken night.
Without the knowledge of knowing what each seed will form into...
But a rose I wish upon a star for this precious seed to be
I will pray so my rose will be a rose filled with love and beauty
With Gracefulness and Charm
A rose that would be viewed as a quantum characteristic that accounts
for the existence of love

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A while It took to search for the perfect seed, till I found the one that spoke the
language of love back to me
The seed of desire that will blossom into
A perfect love for me to call my own.
The petals on that rose
Will be the petals that present my life
such a life I will live, for all I long for is to
find the perfect love to call my own...
Such beauty, such desire
Such sweet scent I want you to hold proudly

I will not fear to see what you might become
For I shall not walk away I will be here waiting for you
You are my beauty
You are my path
You are the rose I will water
If you promise to stay for a while

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Many roses their petals fall out of their place But
I am hoping yours will always be invigorating
I hope you won't have to say good-bye soon
For I will hold a promise tonight to watch you grow and to admire your beauty as
You blossom through this quiet and lonely night
I will listen carefully and watch your sweet body
Grow with mine
I will tell you stories about the nights I spent
Being lonely
I will tell you about how beautiful the past nights used to be
when I gently fell asleep under the shimmering stars

I will tell you about the feeling of being loved a lifetime ago
and I promise to show you my heavenly garden as soon
As you decide its me who you want to see on to morrow
But tonight I am here to guide you and I am here to protect you...
My Rose I wish you would become, for tonight my being is yours to keep...

Libby M

More Friendship Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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