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The Boiling Point of Passion

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I boil with passion when I'm with you

You are sleek with a spirit that's electric blue

You stimulate me with my favourite spice

Hot strong tea which tastes so nice

And strengthens me throughout the day

In that green environmentally-friendly way!

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My fingers linger on your dial

To turn on your electricfying smile

Your passion rises till you're boiling

Deep inside you are bubbling and toiling

Hot and wet with what I need

To soak my fiery caffeine seed


You are like no other kettle I have known

The rest had elements furred and fuses blown

You are a superhero of great purport

Always there when I need support

A lover who gives me just what I desire

Specific pleasure but not excessive fire


You guard your energy superbly well

And I am forever under your spell

Electric Eco Kettle please be only mine

And pour out your hot libations for all time

Come on lover spill it in my coffee mugs

And I will add the creamer from my pretty jugs


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Electric tea kettle I ask yet another favour

Beside the hot ambrosia that I savour

It is that when I see you hot and steaming

You help create the world of which I'm dreaming

An earth which we all take not for granted

But treasure like the eco seed that you have planted...

In me.

More Funny Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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