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Women desire six things:
They want their husbands to be brave,
wise, rich, generous,
obedient to wife, and lively in bed

How many of you have ever started dating
because you were too lazy to commit suicide?

It takes half the amount of time
you dated someone to get over them.

I've been on so many blind dates,
I should get a free dog.

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Lots of women just go out with me
to further their careers
- damn anthropologists.

I'm dating a homeless woman.
It was easier talking her into staying over.

My computer dating bureau
came up with a perfect gentleman.
Still, I've got another three goes.

(Computer dating)
It's terrific if you're a computer.

Do you believe in computer dating?
Only if the computers really love each other.

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My grandmother's 90.
She's dating.
He's about 93.
It's going great.
They never argue.
They can't hear each other.

A man who won't lie to a woman has
very little consideration for her feelings.

When a man goes on a date,
he wonders if he is going to get lucky.
A woman already knows.

My toughest fight was with my first wife.

More Funny Love Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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