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Along Came HIM

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I used to hang with her
Because you weren't always there
Had to go upstairs for lunch
So I sat with her
We kind of came close
But she wasn't my best friend unlike you
She's like my second best friend
We are close
Then came your new boyfriend
And his best friend
His best friend was in your class
Started hanging out with him more
You became almost alike
You got your silliness from him
Then you found out that your new boyfriend had liked you

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That's how you started
Things kind of changed
You flat left me for him
Always want to go see him
And his best friend his girlfriend
You are becoming really close
I asked her who her best friend was
She said you
Then I said why
And she said you had a lot in common
And we kind of don't but we're cool anyway
Now I don't know if you'll soon drop me
You met new people
I talk to you less and see you less
And see you less
So when I don't see you
I go hang with my other friend
You say we are best friends
But you are my number #1 best friend

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We are just close friends
I think things are changing between us
But I hope this friendship doesn't end
Because some of this happened today
And at one point I was sad
Because I thought it was
Almost the end
Well will this last?
I'll think about this day and night until it comes.

More Poems For Your Girlfriend Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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