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Romantic Poems For Girlfriend
A Poem I Wish I Could Have Written For My Girlfriend

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Angel, this comes deep from the heart
I will love you wherever you are
Near or far
Just look up to a star

When I found you everything went well
And I told everyone you were swell
The day I found you I couldn't help but smile
Cause waiting for you my angel, it was so worthwhile

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But then when you went away
My heart got broken and
I just wish you would have stayed
If I could have gone with you to your new hometown you know I would have
Loving keeps me alive,
thinking about you now is making me sob

Going to school with you was so brilliant
but now I'm glad the school days will pass
I just hope I can get through class
Being with you was so right
Though at first we didn't get on in spite

Now at this very minute I am thinking of you
Even though I feel blue
Babe, will you forgive me
I would of gone with you
don't see how much I love you
Can't you see?

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Angel, if you are reading please write back.

Love from Brad

More Poems For Your Girlfriend Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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