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Love cures people,
the ones who receive love and the ones who give it, too.

Love is all the emotions of the world into one

You make my heart
skip every other beat.
You make my cheeks
blush whenever you smile at me.
You make me laugh
just by saying the little things.
So may say that this is just a little crush,
but in my eyes, it’s a beautiful thing.

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Love me when I least deserve it,
because that's when I really need it.

If i could rearrange the letters of the ABC's
i would put U and I
together and next to each other forever....

You can fall from the sky,
you can fall from a tree,
but the best way to fall is in love with me

In my eyes you are the world
but in yours you are one person.

Love reckons hours for months,
and days for years;
and every little absence is an age.

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Something Happend to me.
It was the sweetest thing that ever could be;
It was a fantasy a dream come true;
It was the day I met you!

Love is a never ending feeling.

There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.

More Good Love Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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