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I've learned that:
Goodbyes will always hurt,
pictures will never replace being there,
thanks is a feeble word,
memories forget the hard times,
words can never replace feelings,
and heros often go unsung.

Every ending has a new beginning

We only part to meet again.

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The reason it hurts so much
to separate is because
our souls are connected.

Promise me you’ll never forget me
because if I thought
you would I’d never leave.

I hate the part of the show
where we have to say goodbye
to someone.

A farewell is necessary
before we can meet again,
and meeting again,
after moments or a lifetime
is certain for those who are friends.

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Life wouldn’t be the same
without you and
all the memories
you have givin me.

To die and part is a less evil;
but to part and live, there,
there is the torment.

More Goodbye Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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