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Poems About Heartbreak

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I walked through the hallways
of the school
I've been there for what seemed like days
Waiting for you
I wanted to see you
See you smile and laugh
That's the day; I found he liked me, too

You called me every night
For a late night chat
That's when we decided
We were meant to be

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You were a year older than me
But that didn't matter
We were a couple
A couple of lovebirds

You invited me to a friend party
Only the cool people were there
I wasn't cool
But I was with you
So I was declared cool

They decided to play seven minutes in heaven
Which I've never played before
You didn't care
You just dragged me in a closet
And started making out with me

After it was over you dropped me off at my house
And called me three days later
And told me it was over

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I don't know how
I don't know why
All I know is
You don't like me anymore
You went to Angela, Laura now your at Jane

You are a heartbreaker
You Kiss
You Forget
You are so last year!


More Heartbreak Poems Page 1 | 2


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