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Quotes About Loneliness

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Sometimes when you're really lonely,
you really feel alive
and you feel like
you know who you are.

Doubt is a pain too lonely
to know that faith
is his twin brother.

My life is spent in
a perpetual alternation
between two rhythms,
the rhythm of attracting people
for fear I may be lonely,
and the rhythm of
trying to get rid of them
because I know that
I am bored

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder,
but it sure makes the rest of you lonely.

She saves his voicemail
So whenever shes lonely
She can hear his voice..

Beauty is ever
to the lonely mind
a shadow fleeting;
she is never plain.
She is a visitor
who leaves behind
the gift of grief,
the souvenir of pain.
The surest cure
for vanity is loneliness.

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Now that I have loved so purely and deeply,
I have realized how lonely I really am.

Lonely men
seek companionship.
Lonely women
sit at home and wait.
They never meet.

More Lonely Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3


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