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Poems About Lost Love
Learn A Lesson Of Incomplete Love

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The nights of my life are full of

My confused heart is full of tears.

My luck was

Similar to The one of The unluckiest person .

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My lonely life was A journey,

That continued until The end.

Someone tell that dear person,

when I was alive

She never cared.


Now I'm dead,

Tell her not to visit my grave.

As Her tear drops will not change anything .

Tomorrow is a new day

And Tonight my heart is put to death

By An Arrogant beauty.



A wilted leaf will fall down on my grave........

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Whoever visits my grave,


don't bring me any flowers

As they will remind me of Someone.

Just shed some tears,

And Learn a lesson of incomplete love.

Goran Rahim

More Lost Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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