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Poems About Hurt
Everything You Don’t Know About Me

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My mind is lost
My heart is lost
My body is lost
My spirit is lost
And I don’t know
If I can find it.

My pride is somewhat lost
My soul is somewhat lost
My thoughts are somewhat lost
My words are somewhat lost
Can not find what to say.

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My life is confused
My daily happiness
Is still confused.
My smiles that I give
Are confused
But I don’t want to pretend
That I am happy when I’m not.

The smiles are numb to me
The laughs are numb to me
The good spirit is numb to me
The goals are lost and forever
Numb to me.

The love is no longer there
The happiness is no longer there
The smiles and pretending is
No longer there.
The happy thoughts are
No longer there.

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Nowhere to be found
This is me.
But I don’t get it
They hurt me
Can’t they see?

Maybe I should just stay out
Of their lives.

Kim Santistevan

More Love Hurts Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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