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I Love You

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I Love You
These words I shed are right from the heart.
Some it will inspire, to others tear apart.
But none the less they must be told
These words that can be so new, yet so old.

They must have survived
throughout generations.
To some it brings heartache,
to others elations.
These words can be said
at any chosen time.
They can be told gently
or at the drop of a dime.

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When told to a person who feels the same,
Into their arms you go and forever remain.
But told to a person who doesn't quite agree
The pain they can bring is awful to see.

These words will steal your heart like a crook.
Its victims aren't chosen by age or by looks;
And no matter how your life is arranged,
Once they are spoken
it will always be changed.

If the words I shed are still a mystery,
Think back along the lines of history.
What words are immune to death or by lies?
What words can comfort
the sound of our cries?

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When thinking of you these
words come to mind.
These bittersweet words that have power to bind.
If you don't know yet and I think that you do
These special sweet words are
"I Love You".


More Love Poems For Him Page 1 | 2 | 3


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