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Oh, I have loved him
too much to feel
no hate for him

I love you with all of my
heart, body ,and soul.
You complete me.
You make my life worth living.
To have known you
and to have loved you
has been the most beautiful dream.
I can only hope that I never wake up.

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Why is it easy to fall in love and
yet so hard to be loved back?
why should I feel such if destiny
permits me not?
why do I have to fall if it's you I cant have?
why is there a "you" in "me"
but never a "me" in "you"?

This better to have loved and lost
than never to have loved at all.

Even if he doesn't like me tomorrow,
I knew he loved me yesterday.

Life is to be fortified by many friendships.
To love and to be loved is the
greatest happiness of existence.

There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.

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If I am pressed to say
why I loved him,
I feel it can only be
explained by replying:
"Because it was he;
because it was me."

I must see her
and press her to my heart.
I love her
to the point of madness,
and I cannot continue
to be separated from her.
If she no longer loved me,
I would have
nothing left to do on earth.

More Quotes For Loved Ones Page 1 | 2


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