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Reading all these poems
Written from hearts and from dreams,
Lots of pain lots of hurt
From their low self esteem.
All these girls expressing
Feelings of tomorrow,
It seems only girls
Know of joy and of sorrow.
If only their lovers saw
All these truths and all these lies,
And what is in their hearts
Maybe they would realize...

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Maybe they would see how much we hurt
Or how much we care,
But that doesn't seem to happen
Only lovers see the unfair
Only lovers see the people
Only lovers see the souls
Only lovers are not blind
Only lovers see the holes.
The writers of these poems
Over all the many years
Are the only ones who are brave
To write down their hopes and fears.
And only other lovers
Read what other lovers wrote
And nothing seems to get out
Where is it, where is hope?
If the world was exposed to
What we lovers see and feel,
I wonder how they would take
The whole ordeal.

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Would they bomb it or kill it
Or expose it 'cause it's rare?
How can they not notice
What is everywhere?
Only we lovers are the ones that feel
Only we lovers are the ones who heal
Only we lovers take others pain
And what have we lovers gained?
Heh. Poetry...


More Lovers Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3


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