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For My Lovers Sake

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Silly poems & Love letters,
Silky underwear and pink sweaters,
When you're in love,
It doesn't get better.

I tried to tell my family,
But no one listened to me,
They said it was just puppy love,
And it was cute and sweet.
I tried explaning how I felt,
But they just laughed at me.

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Still everything was perfect,
We had love & that was all we needed.
I would have done anything for him,
That is untill he cheated.

He left my heart in pieces,
He left my soul to tears.
I shared with him my hopes and dreams,
My thoughts and all my fears.

For months it was just awful,
I wouldn't eat or sleep.
It was bad but it got worse,
I wouldnt even speak.

So this is love,
Should I be this hurt?
I should have given him what he wanted,
I could have made it work.

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But should I feel this guilty,
If it was his mistake?
All the crazy things I did,
Just for my lovers sake.


More Lovers Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3


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