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Poems About Life And Love
Their Journey Of Love

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Two destined lovers met one day
Their love was fairy tale,
as she would often say:
"He's my loving Savior
He's my strong white knight,
I'll love him until I die,
the love we share's so tight."

Their love grew stronger
Their hearts became whole.
To others they were in-separable.
Their love came from their soul.

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From day to day,
their love stayed warm
Even through thick and thin,
their love would not be torn.

He called her his princess,
his baby and his heart.
They pledged their love together,
and promised they'd never part.

Together they planned their future.
Together they planned their life.
They planned that they would marry
and she would be his loving wife.

Who would have thought
their clear blue sky,
would turn black and grey?
Who would ever imagine?
Their love would drift away

Their love which came from heaven.
Had slipped before their eyes
Their love which once was warm.
Now slowly dies.

Their hearts were torn apart,
by life's everyday sins.
Now they are not together,
their feared fate sadly wins.

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But their love is still alive
the love within their heart.
Though they cannot rebuild
the love they felt at the start.

So now there is no end,
no key to set them free.
Living this life in misery
as their once true love
Is history.

and there are no tears from my eyes.
You showed me that to stop the darkness,
all I had to do was open my eyes.

You’ve made me so happy,
and I know this happiness is real.
Knowing that you want me,
is finally letting me heal.

I’ve been blessed with an angel,
and that angel is you.
I just want you to know,
that you’re a dream come true

More Poems About Love Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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