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I know that I can
give love for a minute,
for half an hour;
for a day, for a month,
but I can give and
I'm very happy to do that
and I want to do that.

It is now one of my biggest regrets in this life:
not to have seen the extent of your love for me.

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Closeness isn't always
measured in distance;
friends can live many miles away,
but the bond of love formed long ago
always keeps them close at heart.

A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry all my love for you.

My heart longs for you,
my soul dies for you,
my eyes cry for you,
my empty arms reach out for you.

Because the distance
between us is so great,
my arms cannot reach you,
but because my love for you
is just as great,
my heart does

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There is nothing sadder in this life
than to watch someone you love walk away
after they have left you.
To watch the distance between
your two bodies expand until there is
nothing left but empty space... and silence.

A lost love is never lost unless
what's lost is the love for your lover.

More Quotes For Love Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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