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My Perfect Dream

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I had a dream, just last night,
That was perfect in my mind.
But when I awoke, & it was not real
I felt as though I may cry.

Because it was all about him,
and what I wish it would be.
How could it have been, just a dream,
and be so real to me?

It started out as just a visit,
From him as we always have.
But when alone, he told me,
That his love for me was true.

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I asked him about the time that he told me,
That he did not feel this way.
He told me sorry for telling me that,
But he was too scared to say.

I told him that I forgave him,
And we held hands and hugged.
It all was going so perfectly,
I felt I was finally loved.

But when some people that we knew,
Started saying things they should not,
He got mad and went away,
Where he could not be sought.

So I went and looked for him,
To comfort him when he was down.
I found him between a row of books,
Sitting on the ground.

I got down on my hands and knees,
and asked him what was wrong.
He told me about what they had said,
and wished that they were gone.

I told him that I was sorry,
and then up we stood.
He didn't care what they thought,
I never really did.

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So, being closer now,
I felt like I needed to.
I kissed him for the first time,
and then he kissed me too.

I felt so alive in his arms,
And hoped he felt the same.
For everything in the kiss he gave,
Was enough to start a flame.

I thought that it was perfect,
This relationship we had.
But then my alarm clock starts to ring,
And wakes me out of bed.

I sat straight up in disbelief,
It could not have been a dream!
I felt ready to burst into tears,
I needed him by me.

Why does this hurt, I ask myself,
It was a beautiful dream!
It hurts because I know it's not true,
That he doesn't really love me.

But maybe one day, he'll think of me,
The way I think of him.
And I will feel, as I did in my dream,
Which I hope will never grow dim.

with love forever,

More Relationship Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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