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Sad Emo Love Poems
Boulavard Of Broken Dreams

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It's been a hard two weeks,
things are so different and i don't understand.
believing every word that you said,
not listening to friends advise and words of caution.
never thinking that what he says,
it is all just empty promises and a lies.

but things can change and the feelings can too,
so i just hope that one day you become unglued.
i lie here all night just whispering your name,
thinking you might hear me, and fix all this pain.

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when you love someone you have to let them go
it's going to be pain, it's going to hurt,
this i know,
but you just have to smile and give them the benefit of the doubt
because one night they will miss you and realize a mistake is made.

i've loved you since i met you, i always have and always will.
so when you tell me how you feel, to you, my heart, i will spill.
it's bundled up now and it's causing me grief.
but what's a girl supposed to do, just sit there and believe?

it was love at first site, and my feelings for you grew,
i knew that if i was with you, to nobody else could i be so true.
you made my heart flutter, you made my world spin,
the way you held me and touched my skin.

there's no person as unique and intriguing,
i found you to be perfect, amazing, and you make my knees weak.
so as i lie here in pain and wonder what i did so wrong,
i think to myself that i can do this, i can be strong.

but guys don't understand, it's not as easy as it seems,
because when i go to sleep at night, it's you whose in my dreams.
you made my life complete and turned my world upside down,
with you in my life, my face never had a frown.

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girls emotions are strong, they don't draw a line,
and when you walked into my life, you wouldn't believe how you shined.
my heart was fluttered and my emotions went insane,
i knew that you were the guy who would never cause me pain (or so i thought)..

i fell in love with you, your voice, your touch,
i knew from the beginning that i would love you so much.
your smile brightened my day and your hugs were all that i felt,
with this my heart started to melt and the walls that i had built crumbled.

your sweet kisses and hugs made my day complete,
i loved you even more then before the previous heart beat.
you make my world shine and it glows when i'm down,
just because there's a person in my life like you, that i have found.

but all too soon a new love you found.
without a word or explanation,
you pushed aside a girl so sweet,
with a heart so broken...
and nothing other than shattered dreams and tears..


More Sad Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


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