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Secret Admirer Poems
Behind These Hazel Eyes

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I look down at the ground
I cannot meet your smile
I cannot look into your eyes
I cannot gaze upon your sweet vision..

My shiny hair falls delicately
Over my blushing face
And the secrets within me
Linger behind these hazel eyes..

My thoughts flash back and forth
Remaining here and there
Wanting to escape
Wanting to be told..

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I hold my mouth shut
And let my eyes do the talking
I look at you bashfully
My eyes full of hope and love
Because behind these hazel eyes
Lay the secrets that wish to be revealed..

You look at me carefully
Not daring to believe
The secrets I am trying to expose..

Doubt fills your mind
Until you clearly see
That little smile
Placed carefully upon my sugary lips
And the sparkle of adoration
That floats behind these hazel eyes..

You gently pull
My face to yours
And place a gentle kiss
Upon my soft lips..

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And as love drifts around
In the light breeze
A couple embraces
Sharing love's first kiss
The magic flowing
From each person's soul..

My fears are released
And the secrets uncovered
These hazel eyes
Finally free of all the secrets
They contained..

And as these hazel eyes
Clear their slate with tears of joy
They happily embark
On the start of a long journey
In the arms of love..


More Secret Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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