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Thinking Of You

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You seem to prey on my heart.

They say broken hearts are caused by unsaid words.

I think it’s a lie.

Words don’t need to be exchanged

To know the happiness you can feel

When with that special person you love.

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You slide your way back into my life,

Almost silently without a word.

I see you there out of the corner of my eye,

So many words left unsaid.

If I were to tell you the words I wanted to say

To you before, would you have believed them?

I thought I had found a soul mate.

For years.

But I found a broken heart and mad emptiness.


That’s what love is of course.

A mental illness.

You were my medication.

My heart was my doctor.

It said to stop taking you.

It would take time to heal, but I would be fine.

And I was.

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But I was put back on a different medication.

A different person to make me feel alive.

To make me feel full

And loved.

That wonderful sensation of being needed.

I couldn’t stop, I was addicted.

You were like my painkillers.

I took a dose of you and the pain was gone.

But my heart was broken in the end,

I couldn’t take the painkillers anymore.

But I still can’t help, but want them.

So badly.

I cry myself to sleep thinking of my painkillers.

Thinking of You.

More Thinking Of You Poems Page 1 | 2


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