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I'm not supposed to love you,
I'm not supposed to care,
I'm not supposed to live my life
wishing you were there,
I'm not supposed to wonder
where you are and what to do,
I'm sorry I can't help myself,
I'm in love with you.

When the last teardrop falls
I will stand tall
And hold onto the memories
Of how you used to be

They say no matter how dark the night is,
the sun always rises again ...
I say lost love makes one realize that
no matter how bright the day is,
the sun will always set again.

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Just because i smile on the outside
doesnt mean that i am on the inside.

Love isn't all smiles and laughs
for the moment;
but crying and fighting for
what you beileve is right
and willl last forever

It is the distance that makes life a little hard.
Two minds that once were close
are now so many miles apart.
I will not falter though,
I'll hold on 'til you're home
- safely back where you belong.
See how our love has grown?
You're not alone; I'll wait till the end of time.
Open your mind, surely it's plain to see,
you're not alone; I'll wait 'til the end of time.
Open your mind,
Baby, there's time for me and you.

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Go ahead and break my heart.
It's useless without you anyways.

More Touching Quotes Page 1 | 2


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