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True Love

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“Is it true love?” they ask

as if all other love is false,

as if we are not at the core

hopeful creatures

sorting out and discarding our unpleasant memories

like weeds in a garden

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What is a promise

but a measure of hope?

when in truth i cannot tell you that

in ten years from now

i won’t want to tear your head off and drive away

leaving your weeds,

this soil,

my garden


But what i do know

with all kinds of certainty

is that i can promise to love


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Because love does not end

love does not wither and love is not,

in fact, a contract

It can only be a gift, a seed.

and you can only rest on your knees in the dirt,

water-can in hand,

and hope for some return

More True Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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